Quiggley Tucker's Gift of Love  (August 3, 2005 - July 8, 2015)

Coco (Bean)
Duke (AKA Butter)
Gibson (Gibbs)
Gracie Ann
Penny (Min-Pin)
Quiggley (Quiggs)


Quiggley (Quiggs), is a 4 year old, (08-2005), Rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that we fostered. 

He is a male Blenheim and one of the sweetest love bugs around.

We'll soon be looking for a forever home for him.

We've found him a forever home and it's with us.  We grew so attached to him and he fit in so well with our other 4 legged family members that we couldn't let go.

We loved our boy very much.  He went in for a dental and crashed.  They were able to restart his heart, but he didn't last long afterwards.

We miss you and look forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Bridge.

All three crashed on our bed while we were in Nashville

Quiggs, Coco and Cena.

I've seen the light!

Quiggs asking if he can have some too?

Putting it on the table for him.

We're both eating now.

Quiggs in his new spot on the back of the couch.

Skye and Quiggs curled up under my computer desk

Skye and Quiggs curled up under my computer desk

He found a place away from the commotion going on.

4 duck, (or dogs), in a row

Quiggs, Cassey, Coco and Skye.

A picture my wife found of Quiggs checking out what our Grandson is working with.

Rest In Peace my boy. I hope to see you at the rainbow bridge.

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