Rusty - Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Duke (AKA Butter)
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Quiggley (Quiggs)


Rusty is a 8 year old male Ruby. 

He is not socialized or housebroken.  All his vet tests, inoculations and neuter have been done.

Rusty is very skittish around people and will run off and hide if given the chance.  When he's left alone, he usually curls up with one or more of the other cavaliers here.

He's getting better about running off.  If we walk over slowly, when he's laying down, we can crouch down and lightly rub him.  He is still looking a little wild eyed, but accepts the petting.

Due to his enlarged heart and grade 5 murmur, he's on Lasix, Enapril and Vetmedin a couple time a day.  He's also on prescription cough syrup to help with his constant ragged cough.  He was given 3 to 6 months to live, and lived for 23 months.

Rusty never liked contact, rubbing, petting, etc., with people.  He would tolerate it most times and always wanted to be in the same room with you.  The closest he would get is that if you held your hand out, he'd come over an lick your fingers.

He came into rescue from a vet he where he was taken to be euthanized.  His age was given as 8 years old.  He was turned over to rescue in December 2012.  He lived until October 17, 2014.

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