Charlie Lucas - Tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Charlie Lucas (Char Char)
Coco (Bean)
Duke (AKA Butter)
Gibson (Gibbs)
Gracie Ann
Penny (Min-Pin)
Quiggley (Quiggs)
Skye (Skylar)


Charlie is a 7 year old (06-2006),lovable, over-weight, male, tri-color with some type of anxiety reaction. 

In his home, he gets extremely agitated when a leash is pulled out or he can't be in his owner's lap.  He starts moaning and it turns into a loud whining that will continue for hours.  So far here it's only happened when a leash was brought out, but only for a few minutes.  We'll continue to evaluate him and work on different solutions to relieve his stress.  Hopefully we can find a permanent solution to his stress reaction and re-unite him with his owner.

We've put him on Rescue Remedy Pet to see how that works as a solution.  So far with us, it's working fine.  We're going to pull out the leash and see what his reaction is after a couple of days.

We've also put him on a diet.  We're feeding kibble with green beans and rice cake.  With that combination he doesn't get diarrhea.  With just kibble and green beans he did.  He seems to have lost about 1 to 1 1/2 lbs so far, but he does have a few more to go.

He's settled down in the house.  We've only seen 3 instances of the loud whining and we were able to calm him down.  He is very reactive to our emotions.  You have to control your emotions around him, otherwise he'll respond and get very excited from you.  We've put him on Rescue Remedy - Pet.  That has calmed his excitability without making him seemed drugged out.  In these pictures, he's settled in for the evening.  When he's not, I haven't been able to get pictures (He's not still long enough).

Once he settled down and understood the routine around the house, we took him off the Rescue Remedy and got some of the weight off of him.  He's been doing great since then.

He's staying here forever.  He's settled in, stopped his howling (most of the time :-), and is one lovebug.  He likes to be touching you, but not up in your face.  He wants the attention and will give you little licks on your hand or arm if you quit.


RIP CharChar.  Age and his heart finally got the best of him.  He took his journey to the Rainbow Bridge on 11/26/2021.

He likes Snoopy

Charlier and Snoopy crashed

Having a nap

Where'd that bright flash come from?

Charlie just chillin out.

Charlie with Santa, 2017

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