Bama - Black & Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Bama is a 7 year old, lovable, male, Black & Tan.

Bama is a sweet loving male cavalier.  His family was military and were assigned to an overseas station, but were unable to take him.  I got in touch with them and was able to make him part of our family.

As soon as we met him, he was loving attention, giving kisses and coming back for more.  We introduced him to our pack and they all blended together.

No matter where you are, he wants to be with you, on you, next to you, or on the floor by you.  Great snuggler and a loud snorer too.  That's OK with me, I'm as loud as he is, but we have to let Elaine get to sleep first, then our chorus can begin.

Jumped in the chair that was by the gate to our kitchen looking like "Let me in!"

We eventually did after the floor dried.

Settled in with the other pups in the house.

He's doing great.

We found that Bama is a fence climber. :-)

We found that Bama is a fence climber. :-)

He hasn't gone over, but he did make it to the top. There's suff in place to block him now.

Bama and Coco

Coco and Bama

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