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Katie is a sweet 12-year old Tri-color owner turn-in. We rescued her because, even with her age, we think she deserves a chance at life - even if it's short.

Katie came into rescue severely underweight due to her diabetes.  We took her to our vet and had a full blood panel run.  It came back that her dosage was too high and her blood sugar was bottoming out.  We've started taking her blood sugar several times a day to keep track of her insulin amounts.  She also needs to have her teeth cleaned, but that will wait until her glucose level is under control and she gains some weight.

She's been spayed and up to date on all her shots.

Katie has settled in very well.  She's found her place which is on a mat next to our son's bed.  She comes out to do her business, eat and socialize, then goes back there to lay down and rest.  She's slow moving, but does get around very well.  She is aggressive with her food, but is very laid back any other time.

We've been making daily visits to the Vets office.  The initial dose of insulin was too high, so it's been gradually cut back.  Currently she is not on any insulin injections.  She is on the Hill D/W, which is a food for diabetic dogs.  The Vet thinks that food may be all she needs.  With a 2 unit injection of insulin twice daily, her glucose was still in the 65 range.  It should be at least 80.  We'll hope and see.

Change to the change as far as her insulin and food goes.  While on the Hills D/W, she kept losing weight, even though her food intake had doubled.  She’s currently getting 1 cup of Merrick Grammies Pot Pie Kibble twice a day with 7 units of insulin.  With this combination, she’s gained 1 ½ lbs and her glucose is under control.  This is an ongoing thing.  If her food, the quantity of it, or exercise level changes, her insulin will have to be adjusted to keep her glucose level where it needs to be.

Her glucose level is stable, she's gained weight and her gum infection is cleared up, so, she made a trip to the vet.  She lost 6 teeth and had the rest cleaned.  She's doing great and still eating like a typical cavalier.

She is currently being fostered in Bartlett, TN. NOT.  We've got another failed foster.  She's here with us permanently now.  Everything's stable and she'll remain here until she goes to the rainbow bridge.

After a couple of years with us, her health has deteriorated considerable.  She's lost sight in both eyes due to cataracts.  Do to her age and health, they won't operate on them.  She's partially deaf in bother ears, has trouble walking due to her back legs not staying under her.  She also has sever incontinence and usually wakes up wet from urine.  We had her tested for a UTI with negative results.  So she has been put on medicine to help with the incontinence.

Her health has continued to deteriorate so that she is unable to use her back legs to walk without falling over.  She also has lost all control of her bladder and bowels, plus she has no interest in eating, not even the good stuff.  After a couple of weeks of this and her continuing to lose weight, we took her to the vet and had her put to sleep.

Rest well Katie and we hope to see you at the Rainbow Bridge.


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