!Foster Fail!  Gibson (Gibbs) - Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Gibson 2/15/201 - 7/9/2020

Gibbs is a 2 year old male Blenheim.

Gibbs is very energetic.  Is mainly house trained (still work in progress) and is now up to date on his shots and tests.  Heartworm and murmur clear.

Gibbs has a condition called OCD.  He is very obsessed with light and shadows and as a result does a lot of barking.  We've started him on flourosimide which has helped quite a bit.  At first he wouldn't even respond to his name.  Now on the medication, he will even when attacking shadows and light.

Towards the end he was on the MVD cocktail which gave him another year.

Gibs was a foster fail.  With medical and behavioral issues he ended up staying with his foster family and their cavalier pack where he was somewhat comfortable and health managed until he put to sleep.  He had grade 6 MVD and severe enlargement of his heart.  Enough enlargement that he had trouble breathing.  He health went way downhill in the last 3 weeks.  With the spark out of his eyes, it was time, so we went down to the Vets with him and were there for his last breath.

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