Patches - Tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Coco (Bean)
Duke (AKA Butter)
Gibson (Gibbs)
Gracie Ann
Penny (Min-Pin)
Quiggley (Quiggs)


Patches is a 6 year old, lovable, female, tri-color.

We were told she didn't know her name, but we can call her and she comes running over.  When we call one of the other dogs, she doesn't.  She wasn't a house dog and isn't house trained, but has been around people and loves to be loved on.  She'll come over and put her front paws on you wanting to be picked up.  She'll give you cavalier hugs, then settle down in your lap enjoying any attention you'll give her.

We took her to the Vet and had her checked and updated on her shots.  She weighs 11 pounds, is heartworm negative and does have a slight murmur, grade 1.

Patches went to the Rainbow bridge at 10 1/2 years old.

She had a grade 5 MVD murmur with enlarged heart pressing on her trachea and lungs.  What jinally happened with the valve Chordai (SP?) tore and the valve would close.  She started fluid buildup quick and wasn't getting oxygen in her blood due to the back pumping, so we were with her on her trip.

15 minutes after getting home, she's already suckered my son into picking her up and giving her attention.

Going to sleep after getting some attention

Showing how small she is

At Hillcrest Animal Hospital getting her checkup.

She's happy now, she's on her way out of the Vets.

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