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???? - August 5th, 2016

The Min-Pin a 6 year old Black/Tan female puppy mill turn-in.  She's well behaved and always wants a lap to lie on.  She’s not house trained and doesn’t give any notice when she needs to potty.  We’re working on the house and crate training.

She didn't have a name when she was turned in, so we were just calling her Min-Pin.  Our grandson started calling her Mini-Penny and now that's been shortened to Penny.  So, I guess Penny's her name. 

She's in fair health.  She's underweight, got bad teeth, evidence that she had a litter of puppies not too long ago (still lactating when she was picked up), needing all her shots and to be spayed.  She weighs 8.4 lbs.

She's settled in very well.  She's getting along great with the other dogs here and comes running over for attention after you sit down.  She wants to be in your lap or snuggled down a blanket nearby.  She also love to sleep in the bed and will curl up next to you under the covers if you’ll let her.

She's been spayed and had her teeth cleaned.  She lost two.  We also found out that she had a large, 3 1/2" inches long, hernia that was taken care of when she was spayed.

Her age and the conditions she lived in for years finally got the best of her.  She went blind due to cataracts, would walk around in circles and had an anal hernia that couldn't be fixed.

Nothing like curling up on the warm clothes straight out of the dryer.

Penny and Cassey playing

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